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A Forbidden Love For Fire

Book Series


The Power Of A Dragon

January 26th 2023

For years, the four nations have lived together in a fragile harmony: air, earth, fire, and water, united. Now, Great Britain has disrupted the balance and threatened the very stability of the four nations. The problem: Gemma.

When Gemma is appointed the new Great British water nation general, the first woman to ever earn that title, she sets in motion a series of events that could bring destruction on her people. And it all begins with a dance.

Daniel, the Great British fire nation general, still new to his role and trying to prove himself, is eager to make the acquaintance of his new colleague. But when he does, a spark is ignited.

Their relationship, a forbidden union of fire and water, will make them question everything they know about their world, and their own pasts. They will quickly learn that uncovering the secrets of your own history can bring untold consequences...

Making Of a Mackenzie

29th June 2023

After Gemma, a Water Manipulator, gives birth to twins Lucas and Lily (and survives), family tensions flare. Daniel’s family refuse to believe he could be the father. Afterall, he is a Fire Manipulator.
When the twins present as a Water and Fire Manipulator respectively, and a strange tattoo appears on Gemma, these tensions explode. Secrets are clawed out. This family is trapped between warring factions and history and nations.
Can this family survive it?
Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault


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