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Road to The Forbidden Love for Fire Series

When I was in School I was never really a fan of reading but I did love writing down my thoughts and feelings, I liked putting myself into a different world to the crappy one that I was in, I was even told by my school teacher that I didn't have much of an imagination. It all changed in my second year of college due to my English grade I had to retake English alongside my hairdressing qualification and it makes a world of difference when you have an English teacher that believes in you she looked me square in the eyes and said "you are smarter than you think" with her wise words glued in my head I passed my English exam with flying colours on my second attempt it felt good.

For years after that I was moving from job to job I was never happy until I found my current job working in a foreign exchange naturally December and January are extremely quiet times of year for Foreign Exchange and with Covid just starting we where quieter than usual, so I decided I would take up reading to fill the time between customers because there is only so much you can do when you are a Travel Money Adviser at that time of year, I went round to the books section in Tesco and had a look at all the master pieces that other authors have written and decided to start off with the classic Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling it took me a while to get into the Philosopher's Stone but once I was in you couldn't drag me out I read through the entire series within two weeks my favourite being The Prisoner of Azkaban then Covid hit .....

While I was on furlough as nobody to travel I was recommended to watch Game Of Thrones and save to say I was glued to it, I had the time so I would watch a who series in a day over time I got bored I knew I had to find a new job as my hours where cut so after leaving my job at Foreign Exchange I attempted to go into hairdressing after the first UK lockdown but due to the amount of lockdowns and financial worries I was let go, even so I managed to get my own place move out and gain my independence, I also managed to find a new job which I struggled with.... it was very male dominated and as much as I enjoyed it I struggled mentally so I decided to take comfort in reading again that is when I came up with the idea of A Forbidden Love for Fire.... I hand wrote the first book (The Power of a Dragon) and read it to my best friend she gave me a few pointers on what I could improve on, after a while my hand was beginning to hurt so I decided I needed to save for a laptop unfortunately I was once again let go from my Job like I said it was male dominated .... luckily I came across a job advert for my previous job in foreign exchange and I was still good friends with my manager so I decided to drop him a message, I managed to get my job back and even though it was part time I managed it, unfortunately my manager decided that Foreign Exchange was no longer for him and he wanted to move on thats when my hours shot up and I was finally able to afford my laptop, so after work I would go home and continue to transfer my writing onto my laptop, I finished The Power of a Dragon and started the second book Making of a Mackenzie ... writing was my comfort but one day my best friend asked me one question "have you thought about publishing it?" I had never thought of it I didn't think that anyone would want to read my work, I thought about Self-Publishing first and spoke to a Self-Publisher then after hearing the price I knew it wasn't for me I could barely afford to live and I certainly am not that rich it gave up for a while then looked at Publishers in the UK and came across Olympia Publishers who where taking new submissions, I thought 'whats the worst that can happen?' on 2nd January 2022 I put in a submission to them hoping that they would accept... throughout January I would refresh my emails every hour with that little bit of hope during that time I had an interview for Bureau Manager to take over from my old manager so not only was I waiting on news from my book I was waiting on news from my Area Manager..... On the 24th January I was contacted by my current manager telling me I was the new Bureau Manager... then I got the news I was waiting for I will never forget the feeling I was at work completing my first day as the manager of the travel money bureau, I refreshed the page and saw the email my heart going a million miles per hour on the 25th January I received the news that they would like to give 'A Forbidden Love For Fire: The Power of A Dragon a chance on the market' the feeling was overwhelming the tears welled up in my eyes my journey as an author was starting, my creation of a new world was beginning, on that day my life changed on the 26th I signed the contract with both my parents present there is no success without struggle big or small believe in yourself ....

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