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A Simple Girl From the South of the UK

As a young girl in School I have always hated reading trying to get me to read was a chore for my parents, I never really had a great school life I was one of them unfortunate kids that was bullied but through all that I had my imagination to keep me going. I always had this one friend who is now my best friend that stuck by my side through thick and thin, she is my best friend even to this day I was never a confident girl, never had that many friends, I was in all the lowest classes more or less had the lowest self-esteem known to man but I carried on, mainly because of my additional support network.

As a teenager I was grumpy locked myself away in my room and isolated myself from my family, I use to struggle with the pressures of being the oldest sibling and when you are a teenager with two annoying little sisters running around with additional problems happening at school it becomes a challenge but as time went on I slowly made my way out of my room and started to socialise a little bit more (baby steps as they say) my family use to be surprised whenever I walked down the stairs to talk to them (can't say I'm surprised) the struggle was real!

As I got older life got easier! my school life was over that is behind me I enter adulthood and face money issues, mental issues and put my parents through more stress I was in and out of jobs until I finally found one I actually liked! I am now working as a Bureau Manager in a travel money bureau, its stressful but I love it all my colleagues are fun and supportive we all get on like a house on fire! they are all supporting me in my writing journey and can't wait to read all the books I put on the shelves! I hope you will too!

So that is a little bit about me, not totally detailed but more is to come I will do separate blogs on Family, Friends and my writing journey I hope you love making your way around the site more is always to come! the beginning to my journey has just begun!

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