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Dan Val Gule

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

The most stubborn and opinionated of the three siblings, the middle child and a single dad Dan Val Gule has a lot on his shoulders including the mistakes he has made that has lead to his only son Daniel's misfortune his main enemy is himself.

Being the middle child, so much but so little is expected of him, after the feeling of abandonment from his older brother Vang-Chi the life of his younger brother Richard now rests on his shoulders deep down he knows how important it is to look after his little brother, does he want to? ..... No but Does he need to? ....Yes, when he met Hilary Grotly for the first time he knew he loved her but he also knew that Richard was never overly keen he didn't care, he married Hilary in secret with a soldier from his army as his best man and witness when Richard finds out you can see the anger but Dan Val Gule knows that his brother will support him no matter what because that is the type of person he is.

He comes home one day to see a note on the table "you can thank me later- Jon" he runs up the stairs and comes face to face with Hilary's dead body laying on their bed, in a flood of tears he runs out the house to find Richard preying that maybe just maybe his big brother is with him he has never needed Vang-Chi anymore than now, when he finds him in the pub it is just him and his soldiers celebrating their latest victory but his big brother is no where to be seen the anger builds up more as a hatred for his big brother starts to build.

After watching Hilary burn and crying in Richards arms for days he dips, the anger and rage inside him builds he needed to release it, he meets Mary Forstone in a near by pub they both have a laugh, hit it off and the next thing they know they are in bed having sex. he wakes up the next morning from their one night stand and go on with their days as if nothing had happened but the rage from Hilary's death was still there after attempting a horrific crime he made a dangerous enemy one that has never been defeated he had no choice but to put him and Richard into hiding, then he was found not by the enemy but by Mary "I'm Pregnant"

after months of taking in the news Mary went into early labor; with Richard sat beside him excited to meet his nephew Dan Val Gule sits there with nerves and guilt... Richard doesn't know what he attempted to do, what he couldn't do, Richard doesn't know how much danger he has not only put him in but his son as well, when he heard the cries of his son his fear grew, he was now a father the doctor came out with a fragile little boy in his arms and handed him to him; he looked down at this little bundle of joy in his arms, he should feel happy and excited but instead he feels guilt and fear, he was a monster and this little bundle of joy in his arms, his pride and joy that he never deserved looked up at him as his eyes shined red for a minute or two looked up at him as if he was his hero, Daniel ...... Daniel Oliver Karne son of Dan Val Gule Wilson Karne.

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