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A lonely girl from the generals house in Russia, not knowing who she is or where she comes from, for all she knows she could be British, American, French or even Spanish her Water Manipulator trainer Ivan has trained her up until the age of ten then when his duties became to much he hired Frank Long who became her only friend, he would answer her questions as much as he could but Gemma couldn't help but notice a part of her was missing, all she can remember is her life in Russia she knows that Valdameir nor Ivan is her father she wants to know who she is .....

from a very young age all Gemma new was being trapped in Russia, as much as she pleaded and begged Valdameir always told her she was never allowed to go anywhere, Gemma so desperately wanted to travel the world see its beauty, collect different items that where unique to the worlds different cultures but Valdameir never allowed it and she never knew why.

When Ivan told her that the power she held was strong enough to take on an entire army part of her knew she was special but she didn't want that, she wanted a normal life there was always one place that she wanted to visit and that was Canada, she heard that it was peaceful and when the snow fell it looked gorgeous she would sit by the window day and night imagining what the world out there was really like.

one day she was called to Valdameir's office where Ivan was waiting for her along with an older man in a blue suit with the water nation symbol at the bottom of his tie, the older man who she later found out was called Elder Jeffery's informed her that the Great British General of the Water Nation was retiring and she is to be the new general she looked at Valdameir and Ivan then walked out the room, she walked into her room locked the door and cried her life is going to take a turn for the worst.

Then she met him.... The Fire Nation General....her forbidden love....

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